Q&A (#2)



Well, I made it to Week 2, which means I did better than all of these guys.

I want to thank all of the people who reached out in this first week. From the those on Facebook to those who have emailed me since, I greatly appreciate the notes.

This week, a puzzle that is in one of my areas of expertise. Comment below or email me.



7 thoughts on “Q&A (#2)

  1. Ok, I figured out that the clue for 46 across is ten and two car part, but only after figuring out the answer from the crosses. So what is the significance of the letters left out of the clue?


      • That’s another layer to the clue/puzzle that went right over my head. Thanks to to Clay also for putting the question up. Looking forward to many more puzzles. Thank you.


      • Did you mean 36 across or am I missing a connection to 46 across? And I’m afraid I still don’t see the significance of the letters. Do you mean those are just the given letters in a Wheel of Fortune round?


      • @Russ In the final round of a Wheel of Fortune game, the contestant is given a bonus puzzle where they are given 10 seconds to solve a puzzle. The show automatically gives the contestant the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. Then, they will pick three more consonants and a vowel.


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