Themeless Two (#8)



Welcome back, and welcome to Week 8.

The biggest development in the cross world (that wasn’t about French-American actresses) is the release of the Indie 500 guest constructor requirements. So it appears I have about two months to write a puzzle for the chance at a glorious $500 (!). I’ve had a puzzle idea in my back pocket for a couple of months now, and this might be the venue for it. And speaking of the Indie 500, will I be able to¬†schedule another puzzle trip in for 2015? I’m already heading to Boston on MLK weekend for one pretty high-scale puzzle tournament, so can I do another? ACPT will be right in the middle of my spring semester, but this one will be taking a place about a month after I graduate, so the chance is still alive!

Damn, I’m going to graduate in less than a year.

Enjoy the puzzle!


2 thoughts on “Themeless Two (#8)

    • Ok. After experimenting with Firefox just now, it looks like that if you just click on PUZ, it takes you to the strange text screen with all the question marks. However, if you right click the PUZ link, and click “Save Link As”, then you just download it like normal, and it should work fine.

      Let me know if that does it for you.


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