Double Cross (#24)

Welcome everyone to Week 24! Some of you may be visiting the website for the very first time, and I’d like to give you a hearty welcome to Chriswords. There’s new puzzles every week, and I’m sure you’ll learn something along the way.

This week’s puzzle is a fun one I liked putting together. This puzzle marks my first non-15×15, and I think the theme of this puzzle will be well received by you, the puzzling community. Let me know what you think.

For you first-timers to the blog, I hope you’ll come back for next week. I run a metapuzzle every fifth week, which means next week will be a meta! And that’s partly why you are here! What a coincidence. I just hope I can solve #355 by Tuesday. That’d be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

If this blog post seems cryptic, it’ll be better explained next week.

Solve well, and be not led astray by words intended to deceive.




3 thoughts on “Double Cross (#24)

    • I have this running joke in my family. It more or less boils down to Uggla was never about being a great baseball player. He was an undercover spy who was acting as a MLB player. The reason he would miss all those games? He was in Eastern Europe or Northern Africa taking care of a special mission. The reason he wasn’t getting the hits he was getting payed for? That slug he took in his shoulder on his last trip. The reason we payed him all of that money? Security for the president doesn’t come cheap.

      The day he was traded, I remarked “Well, it looks like his job was done.”

      Looks like he’s now practicing for the Nats. That good. He’ll save some money when he’s having those weekly trips to the West Wing.


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