Meta: Eastbound & Down (#30)


Welcome back everyone! Sorry I didn’t have a puzzle last week, but I feel like I had a decent reason.


Week 30! Since 30 ends with 5 or 0, it’s time for a meta puzzle.

For this sixth meta of the blog, I’m looking for something green that completes this puzzle’s theme. When you think you have it, email me at cking.gow(at) with your answer. I’ll accept answers all the way to noon ET on Saturday.

In upcoming events, the Indie 500 is in less than a couple of weeks. I have full faith that it is going to be an awesome, awesome event. I’m expecting at least 6 fantastic puzzles for the tournament, and I look forward to solving them. Then I considered: what would it take for this tournament to suck? Presented here are six potential puzzles that would ruin the tournament.

In their website order:
1) Andy Kravis – This attorney, game show millionaire, and Rundle A Frontier champion has proven that knowledge is power. And power only comes from having a strong foundation. Thus, Andy’s puzzle will either be a puzzle with theme answers starting PARK/REVERSE/NEUTRAL/DRIVE/LOW or THUMB/INDEX/MIDDLE/RING/PINKY. Brush up on all your “Pinky”s, including ___ Tuscadero, ___ swear, and ___ and the Brain.

2) Erik Agard – He’s got the word “pun” in the name of this site, so we should expect the puns in this puzzle. And to quote a famous song, Erik will have a “sometimes words have two meanings” puzzle. Four or five theme clues, that each can be clued with the exact same clue. For maximum fun, hopefully it’s a one-word clue.

3) Evan Birnholz – As the married one in the group, love is in the air. In honor of his wife, his puzzle will be a wedding proposal puzzle. This tournament will feature a puzzle you only hear about on AOL or MSN homepages once every few years. Not sure who the lucky couple will be, but WILLYOUMARRYME will certainly be one of the Across entry. I think he’ll do it to honor Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show. That’s how he proposed, you know.

4) Finn Vigeland – The newest constructor of the tournament! His puzzle was picked by the other five as a quality puzzle, but then again, the other five probably wanted to play it safe. Thus, Finn probably submitted a vowel progression puzzle. What’s the consonants he chose? B_LL?  F_LL? P_LL? It does seem that most of these things have LLs. Should be a fun one.

5) Neville Fogarty – Even though Neville has been out of the game for a little bit, he’s still want to commemorate the event with a fantastic puzzle. Going for a PhD in math, Neville has proven he’s a smart one, and as he currently tries to drill math skills into students, he wants to educate the people. Thus, we’ll have a __th anniversary commemoration puzzle. Start brushing up on what took place 50/100 years ago this month. I just hope nobody dies between now and the tournament.

6) Peter BrodaStepquote. Get ready for the finest Mal-esque-a stepquote that you’ve seen since the 1960s.

Even if all this stuff does come true, it would still be an awesome tournament, because these guys are running it. Even if these are the six puzzles you guys are running, I still hope you put some cool references to the NBA or Pokemon or something.

New puzzle next week. Be sure to email me your answer!



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