Meta: The Path to Freedom (#40)


Welcome back everyone to Week 40! The eighth cycle on the blog is now rounding out, and what a cycle it has been! I hope everyone has been enjoying the output of the blog, and I’m looking forward to what the next cycle has to offer. But let’s go ahead and finish up this cycle! And since 40 ends with a 0 or 5, it’s time for a meta puzzle!

For this eighth meta of the blog, I’m looking for a famous music album. When you think you have it, email me at cking.gow(at) with your answer. I’ll accept answers all the way to noon ET on Saturday.

The solution to this puzzle will be published Saturday evening, so that the blog post for #41, the variety edition, will be clear of the meta explanation. Also, I plan to give the winner of this contest a prize. Prize TBD, but there will be a prize.

1) I hope you are attending Lollapuzzoola 8! I unfortunately won’t be able to attend, but I am involved in a sponsorship with the event. Thanks to Ben Tausig, the indie puzzlemakers will have a presence in both poster form and in hard copy form. Be sure to support LPZ8, and I hope you continue to support indie puzzling.

2) Don’t think I was able to squeeze in any art history into the puzzle today, so today’s picture is “The Architect’s Dream” by Thomas Cole. You can see a larger version here.

3) Next week is #41 which is the variety puzzle edition. Get excited. The puzzles should be fairly straightforward, and hopefully you enjoy a break from one crossword for the week to having one crossword plus ten other puzzles!

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the puzzle. Be sure to email me your answer!



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