Puzzle Difficulty: Mostly Harmless (#42)


Hello everyone, and welcome to Week 42!

Unlike several of my crossword cohorts, I do not issue a difficulty with my crosswords. But with this one, I decided to put the difficulty rating in the title. Hopefully, you’ll agree this puzzle is, in fact, mostly harmless.

Thanks to all the kind words about The Horseshoe Letter! For those who have solved it already, I hope you did enjoy it, and for those who haven’t submitted an answer yet, don’t panic! You still have two more weeks to submit your answer. Be sure to send any to all of your answers to cking.gow(at)gmail.com.

Not a lot of words on the post this week. Besides a themeless, I hope to have something else to tickle the collective Chris Words fanbase’s fancy.

Enjoy the puzzle!



One thought on “Puzzle Difficulty: Mostly Harmless (#42)

  1. Nice theme, clever fill and original cluing (6 D and 15 & 63 A were standouts). Very appropriate for #42. And the difficulty was mostly harmless, as promised. Just remember…DON’T PANIC!


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