Summer Lovin’ (#74 and Variety Edition #2)


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 74!

First, I hope everyone’s enjoying MGWCC #421. Since it’s live, we’ll talk about that next week.

The big news for Chris Words is the release of my second Variety Edition! As the creator and main writer of the USC Puzzle Hunt, writing metapuzzles has been a part of me for five plus years now, and now that I have a crossword website, I can make you all play along.

Last year, I wrote The Horseshoe Letter, all about RAs working together at USC, but this year, we go destination wedding.

To quote the cover page of the meta suite:

The summer is now well under way, but the season of course belongs to the people getting married these next couple of months. Summer is certainly the time to get married, but there’s one underlining reason of the reason for the season. What does a summer marriage prevent?

And that is your question to answer for the next three weeks. Head over to where you can find the PDF of the puzzle suite, made of 15 puzzles plus the meta. Also there is an answer checker, so that can confirm any of your answers.

If you find any errata, please email me at cking.gow(at), and I will post them in the area below.

-On “Something Blue”, be sure to use the fullsized picture for Slide #4, not the thumbnail. All other slides match. This will be updated when I get better Internet.

On “Rice”, color and position of number is just a visual aid. The numbers, of course, are a disguised clue. Also, “local” should be “couple”.

Due to an error, the entire puzzle “Bridesmaids” has been fixed. Check to make sure your fifth line starts with “Rice”.

[Sunday 6/26 9:40ish, all errors in the PDF have been fixed. ArcGIS still same issue]

Last year’s time limit was 3 weeks, and that seems like the right amount of time to plan this wedding. By July 17th, be sure to send me your final meta answer. While you’re contacting me, please let me know the successes/struggles you have with any puzzles. I love feedback, and I like giving hints, so there’s never a bad time to shoot me an email.

Also, someone will win a prize. And it’ll be spectacularly unforgettable.

Sorry if this post seems a little short, but I’m currently in a Myrtle Beach campground, and I’ve been using my phone as a hotspot to make most of this happen. Words are a premium, but all good puzzle people know that. The errata of the puzzle will be fixed when I’m Internet capable for it.

I should be back next week with #75, which will be a meta! So until then, good luck with MGWCC, good luck with “Summer Lovin”, and just a general good luck to you!



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