Themeless Nineteen (#93)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 93!

Themeless this week. I hope you think the long stuff really outweighs a couple of the short stuff. I promise you, it’s mostly harmless.

Administrative note: Dropbox has been emailing its user about a change it’s doing involving the Public folder. All of the files used on this website are found in my Public folder for my account, and I’m not totally sure what will happen when the day (I believe the 15th) comes. So, if you notice that every file on my site is down, that will have to be changed.

Also, congrats to friend-of-the-show Sam Ezersky with his recent hiring, as he’ll be working with Will and Joel as they edit the NYT. Congrats and good luck Sam! I’ll get around to writing about your week long meta contest on NGOTB this week!




6 thoughts on “Themeless Nineteen (#93)

  1. I’m not able to open PUZ, PDF, or Solution. Is there a way around this? I really enjoy your puzzles so it’s really frustrating not to be able to access them!


  2. Just finished Chris King’s #93. Very nice puzzle. I was looking for a blog of it, since I have been to NGOTB before. The only thing I found was a YouTube page of over 11 minutes. Is there no text blog any more?


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