Shouting Match (#4)



Week 4 is now out. For those who are visited this blog due to missing Neville’s, then today’s theme should feel welcomed.

And for a couple of news around the crossworld:
-I want to thank Stand Alone for adding me to their roster.
-Patrick Blindauer recently announced that he’s the constructor of this year’s theme week for the NYT. Remember the praise of Patrick Berry’s “Cross” word contest? Remember the discussion after Patrick’s “Change of Heart” puzzle? I’d like to think this will combine both. But in a good way.

Stick around for Week 5, and we’ll have a meta puzzle slash contest.



Themeless One (#3)



Welcome to Week 3! If you are new to the site, I hope you stick around. Have fun solving this one, and be sure to take a gander at the first two weeks.

I would like to thank Neville Fogarty for mentioning me in his announcement this weekend. I’ve been a puzzle person for a long time, but creating a crossword site is a big intimidation. Neville, more than anyone, is the inspiration for wanting to create my own site. I emailed him on July 26 asking some questions about the basics of creating my own site. Neville was very helpful answers my questions, and a lot of his advice was used in the creation of this site. The humor he used with his crosswords is something I hope to use when I write my puzzles. And if you are big on having some pop culture in your grids, then I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to offer.

Also, if you’re not following Neville on Twitter where he goes trolling on Final Jeopardy, then hopping on that would be a good idea. Neville, thanks for all the puzzles.

Welcome, and enjoy!

Start Strong, End Strong (#1)





Welcome to Chris Words!

For information about your constructor, please head over to the About page.
It has more information that I’ll post on the actual first post.
Sorry the front page looks plain. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress.

Today marks the inaugural puzzle for the site. I hope that you enjoy!

Comments, remarks, corrections, and anything else are welcome.

Thanks, and again, welcome!