El Imperio Contraataca (#99.2)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 99.2!

So, I’m really looking forward to publishing #100 here on Chris Words, but today is not that day. Until I finally have it ready, I’m going to publish some 99s to fill that time in. Today’s puzzle is a nice clean grid with a theme that you might be able to figure out from the title alone. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, Paolo Pasco has a new crossword website! Hilariously called Grids These Days, sounds like it’ll be published every Sunday at noon PST, which is a timing mechanism I can get behind. We all collectively cannot wait for what this site is going to produce.

Also, within the next seven days, I’ll post my recap of the Indie 503! Going to be introspective and sarcastic. Be ready to relive glory days.

Enjoy the puzzle!