2021 Check-In

Hey everyone! Hope your last number of months has been relatively uneventful. Last post on Chris Words was pre-election, so it has been a minute. Hope you are enjoying Summer 2021 so far!

1. This week, my 3rd book The Logic Puzzle Book for Teens: 100 Challenging Brain Games and Puzzles was published! I got to try my hand at experimenting with writing some logic puzzles, and I hope you enjoy what I made. In other puzzle writing news, I may have another book of crosswords getting published in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

2. In question writing news, I’ve still been enjoying being a question writer at Only Connect, and Series 17 of the show, which debuts on July 12th, will have connections and sequences written by me! In domestic question writing news, my trivia company Palmetto Trivia has been nominated for Best Bar Trivia here in Columbia for a second year in a row. At my establishments, I’ve been matching each vote cast for me with $1 that will be donated to Harvest Hope Food Bank here in Columbia. If I’m going to shill out for votes, I’ll make it a worthy cause. You at home can vote yourself, even if you aren’t Columbia-bound. Make me and everyone here in the 2920X proud. Would mean a lot. Vote HERE.

3. I am, for sure, not removed from puzzles, and I still constantly talk about them over at Twitter. It’s a good time over there. The lack of posts on this website is made up over there.

That’s all I got for now. Hopefully I’ll be back with some new puzzles for the website, but until then, take care of yourself, and get your vaccine if you haven’t already. Hope to see all of you at a live-action tournament sometime soon!



2 thoughts on “2021 Check-In

  1. Didn’t know you were on Twitter, Chris, I’ll definitely check you out. Good luck with all you’re up to.


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