Fun Stuff

Chris Words not only publishes crosswords, but also publishes a variety of different articles and research topics. This page makes finding those results much easier to find. Go exploring!

The X-word Files
An interview series investigating the beauty of crosswordese.


#1 – ERLE (interview with Steve Williamson of the Temecula Valley Museum)


#2 – KEA and LOA (interview with Dr. Ken Rubin, chair of the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii)


#3 – TET (interview with Tony Phan, marketing director of the 35th Annual UVSA Tet Festival in California)

Challenging Non-Single Puzzles
Various challenges issued by this blog, which include puzzle variety packs

#41 (The Horseshoe Letter) – What do a bunch of USC RAs need to know in order to make campus better? Intro-difficulty puzzles to get the hang of solving meta challenges.

#74 (Summer Lovin’) – What does a summer wedding prevent? Fifteen medium-difficulty puzzles that help you tie the knot.

Crossword Research Plus
Assorted investigations which take a closer look into puzzles and their authors.

  • #35 – The development of the King Index, a metric to calculate how often an indie constructor produces a themed, themeless, or meta puzzle. (Bullet point #3)
  • The Indie 500 – A Back Track – A look into the puzzles that comprised the Indie 500 crossword tournament, and how I did on the puzzles.
  • Buzz Feedback – An investigative article about the first three weeks of Buzzfeed crosswords by looking at how the Buzzfeed populace has rated them with their specialized yellow ranking boxes.
  • #39 – Research about the blogs in the crossworld and how they rank, as per Alexa. (Bullet point #6)
  • #33 – As the winner of the joon pahk Award for Worst Handwriting at the Indie 500, I investigate if my handwriting is actually that bad. (Bullet point #2)
  • #32 – All clues used in Chris Words cataloged into one Excel sheet, with some observations (Excel sheet will be updated sporadically).
  • 2016 Mystery Hunt – A Midwinter Night’s Dream – As a member of the hosting team, I recap some of my experiences of the Mystery Hunt at MIT.