Additional Studies (w/ Chris Adams) (#109)

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Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 109!

1) Today’s puzzle was co-constructed with Chris Adams, who runs an indie puzzle site over at arctan(x)words, which you should already be checking out. This puzzle couldn’t have been made without his grid and majority of the clues. Paolo’s collab took 9 months from start to end, and this one took less than a week, so I think I’m getting better at communication.

2) Chris Words is fortunate enough to now have a new way to solve the puzzle! PuzzleMe, which you may be using already to solve Paolo’s, Will’s, and Evan’s puzzles, has helped outfit me with the same software! Unfortunately, due to WordPress reason, I can’t embed the puzzle into the post, but a link to the puzzle is at the top of the post! The program is very slick, and I am so excited that you will be able to solve the same way!

3) This week saw a great release in crosswords: the Queer Qrosswords collection. Headed by the great Nate Cardin, this collection of 22 LGBTQ+ themed puzzles can be yours by donating $10 or more to a worthwhile charity. I’ve already worked through a third of them, and they are some great puzzles with a great message. Support your communities today.

4) I swear, the Mystery Hunt review goes online this week. I’ve written a fourth of it already.

5) Good luck to all those in Connecticut!

Oh, and in tradition with the previous collab, the collaborator gets to pick a video that is must-see viewing, and Chris has chosen this.