Feels Like Christmas Morning (#14)


Welcome to Week 14, and Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Loan!

This week’s puzzle is probably my most ambitious puzzle yet. There are so many wonderful constructors out there who have all made wonderful Christmas crosswords, so it’s hard to write a new Christmas puzzle. LOTS of theme answers this week, and I think the theme is rather cute (in the Christmas sense of course).

Like I said last week, this is the last puzzle for 2014. My next puzzle (#15) will be online January 4th.

On Christmas Eve, be sure to visit erik agard’s site for a grand holiday puzzle. I had a partial contribution to the final product, but the puzzle was truly a collaborative effort.

Besides that, I’ll see you in 2015. Until then, I’ll be writing puzzles for this site, getting ready for Boston puzzles, and also getting ready for my own. Once you are in the puzzling world, you just can’t ever get out.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fortnight!


Themeless Three (#13)



Week 13 has arrived. Since times tables only go up to 12×12, we are now in uncharted territory. We will still press forward.

Today’s puzzle was the first themeless I really ever worked on. The original finished puzzle I had didn’t have the same desired fill I wanted. The NW and SE corners were kept the same, but the main diagonal was changed dramatically. Hope you enjoy it.

Next week is the Christmas edition, and then I’m taking a week off. We’ll still have a meta for #15, but it’ll just be a week after. I’m trying to put the “break” in “winter break”.


P.S. – For those who know, how do you lock a solution on Across Lite puzzles? I tried finding steps, and it appeared I had it, but the buttons I needed to hit were not there. If you know how to resolve this, please let me know. It should be noted that I use Crossfire / Mac. Thanks so much!