Stump the Schwa (#117)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 117!

Last weekend was the Indie 500, and I crushed it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 8.54.36 AM

Besides winning the handwriting once again, of the 198 people at the tournament, I had the 30th best time, which is wild. I’ve never expected to do this good at a tournament, and I’m so pleased that I blazed through it. Congrats to Ray Hunley and Daniel Feitel who both had better times than me on the Outside Track finals puzzle.

Also, whenever the puzzles become available to the public, I hope to post my handwriting sample either on here or on Twitter.

Today’s puzzle was distributed to participants at the Indie 500, which took place June 1st. The event this puzzle involves occurred May 30th, and was constructed essentially after midnight, May 31st. That is a quick turnaround. Huge thanks to Evan Birnholz who created the puzzle’s grid.