About Me


What are people saying about Chris Words?
“One of the outstanding new crossword blogs” – Matt Gaffney
“That particular Internet address gets a thumbs up from me” – Neville Fogarty
“This guy’s got some constructing chops” – Sam Ezersky
“He has a puzzle site” – Rex Parker

About Me
I’m Chris King. I’m a student of the University of South Carolina, where I studied math for undergrad and geography for my master’s. My biggest claim to puzzle fame is the USC Puzzle Hunt, held each year in the spring since 2012. Besides writing for this Hunt, I have written puzzles for both my school’s newspaper “The Daily Gamecock”, as well as some puzzles at Indy Week, a newspaper centered in Durham, NC. My non-puzzling pursuits include watching TV, studying general knowledge, going outside, and looking to the future. I also run the food trivia website Five Course Trivia, despite being a picky eater.

About This Award-Winning Site
After all the puzzle writing I’ve done for the USC Puzzle Hunt, and my continued interest of crosswords since I was a 9th grader with an Excel file and a demo version of Crossword Compiler, I figured becoming indie writer was the next cool step. With the indie crossword community becoming bigger, I thought it was a great time to join the ranks of these great constructors.

What To Expect
Each Sunday will have a new puzzle. There will be a sequence of what to expect per puzzle.
Puzzle # Ends With 3 or 8 = THEMELESS
Puzzle # Ends With 5 or 0 = META
Puzzle # Ends With anything else = THEMED

The constructor reserves the right to make any changes to this pattern. My interest include: TV, music, geography, art, games, sports, and literature. So you know. I will post a PDF and PUZ files each week for the puzzle.

If you haven’t download Across Lite, you can download it here. If you are having problems download either file, first try a different browser. I use Chrome, so I know that the files will work at least on Chrome. I’ve heard that Firefox is sometimes problematic when downloading .puz files.

Question, comments, meta answers, corrections, and discussion can be sent to cking.gow(at)gmail.com