Pressed For Answers (#112.2)

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Meta Solution for “Opening Remarks”


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 112.2!

Today’s puzzle is one that has a perfect place here on an indie site, and one you probably wouldn’t see in the newspaper. Hope you enjoy it!

Two main things I want to say:

1) I have now found full time work, as I am now the assistant to the graduate advisor in the Languages department at USC. My streak of being a Gamecock continues. I’m very excited for the opportunity.

2) Please keep everyone in the Carolinas in mind this weekend. Looking at projections for Florence, Columbia should see rain and wind, but hopefully not as much as the North Carolina coast is getting. I am doing what I need to make sure I stay safe.

Hope to have more puzzles for you soon, but in the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I have plenty of takes about crosswords there.

Enjoy the puzzle!