Meta: Cooler Temperatures (#115)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 115!

So, after a couple of months, I’m back with the meta. No time like the present. But hey, let’s go ahead and take care of the instructions.

For this twenty-third meta, I’m looking for a creature. When you think you have it, email me at with your answer by February 10th.

Shouldn’t be too hard of a meta for you, and if you need help, Google can point you the rest of the way.

I’ve been doing well, and I hope you have too. Job is rolling right along, and I’m still doing puzzle and trivia things. A week ago, I was at the 2019 MIT Mystery Hunt, and I plan to have a review post on this site in the next week or so. I’m hosting two gigs of trivia in Columbia, so if you ever need questions, feel free to hit me up.

In 2018, this site got less puzzles than it did in 2017. There were 15 on CW in 2017, and only 13 in 2018. Granted, some of them were all-time greats like Wash Your Mouth Out and Rock Group, but still, a dearth.

I think a great way to increase my puzzle writing for 2019 is to do collaborations with you fine people. If you’ve got a puzzle idea, and would like to see it published somewhere, feel free to get a hold of me, and we can make it happen here. Longtime constructor, and first time wannabe, I’m here to make it happen.

But don’t worry, I’m still very in tune with the puzzle people, and anyone who follows me on Twitter can see that.

I’ll be back soon with more puzzle stuff, but until then, enjoy the meta!