Cease To COEXIST (#11)


Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Week 11, so I will now bat for the cycle again with a new set of 5 puzzles.

Last week was a meta, so to explain the meta:

PNG010 2

We are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving food which is represented in this puzzle.

The theme answers were:

20A: Breakfast cereal with the mascot “I vant to eat your cereal!” [Start at 6] = COUNT CHOCULA
31A: Discussed [Start at 4] = TALKED ABOUT
47A: Celebrity whose filmography on Wikipedia actually lists her sex tape [Start at 3] = PARIS HILTON
55A: Company who sent their last telegram in 2006 [Start at 1] = WESTERN UNION

Using the title “Five Course Meals”, the number indicated in the clues was a signal to start at that letter of each answer, and take the five letters starting with the letter indicated.

This leaves CHOCU, KEDAB, RISHI, and WESTE. Wordplay people should pick up on that those four phrases are anagrams for words that proceed “potato”.


Since words for potato have been anagrammed, or cryptically “mashed”, the traditional Thanksgiving food in question was MASHED POTATOES. Those who said just “potatoes” were emailed about giving a better answer, and all those who did indeed came up with the better answer.

Six correct answers came in for the second meta, and John L. Wilson was the randomly selected winner. He will join Jon Delfin in a future section of the site. Stay tuned.

And for this week’s, something hopefully a little easier than the meta puzzle from last week.



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