Themeless Three (#13)



Week 13 has arrived. Since times tables only go up to 12×12, we are now in uncharted territory. We will still press forward.

Today’s puzzle was the first themeless I really ever worked on. The original finished puzzle I had didn’t have the same desired fill I wanted. The NW and SE corners were kept the same, but the main diagonal was changed dramatically. Hope you enjoy it.

Next week is the Christmas edition, and then I’m taking a week off. We’ll still have a meta for #15, but it’ll just be a week after. I’m trying to put the “break” in “winter break”.


P.S. – For those who know, how do you lock a solution on Across Lite puzzles? I tried finding steps, and it appeared I had it, but the buttons I needed to hit were not there. If you know how to resolve this, please let me know. It should be noted that I use Crossfire / Mac. Thanks so much!


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