#NoLimits (#17)

Welcome back, and welcome to Week 17!

The theme of this crossword comes from an advertising campaign at the University of South Carolina. Hopefully you won’t sweat it too much. Apparently, one of the themers is a phrase somehow unique to USC, but that should stop you.

Anyway, as seen in last week’s post, this has been an exciting week for me. Last weekend, I had the great fortune of taking a trip up to MIT, and I was able to participate in the MIT Mystery Hunt.

GreatDomeMITI got to Cambridge on Thursday afternoon, and was able to walk around the campus and see the campus finally up close. But, Friday afternoon came soon enough.

This year’s theme was “20,000 Puzzles Under the Sea”, and team Luck, I Am Your Father hit the ground running. If you want actual play-by-play analysis of what our team did, I direct you to fellow teammate devjoe’s posts.


The weekend was the most amazing puzzling experience I’ve ever had. I’ve loved the Hunt for so long, and now I was finally there in person to play it. And I was so gracious to play on a team of some of the best solvers in the country. The puzzles during the Hunt were great, and I enjoyed all the activities we had. Sure, the Atlantis meta was a trick, but the puzzles were really fun. Even this word search we received at 3am Sunday morning.


But, at 5:02am Sunday morning, we won the whole damn thing. I genuinely could not believe that our team had won the Mystery Hunt. Surreal doesn’t even begin to touch it. I couldn’t be any more gracious if we had finished the Hunt, but sure enough our team got the coin first (which looked like this):


That Sunday, I slept from 6:30am to 3:30pm. What a sleep it was. I vaguely remember having to tell a hotel maid that we were alright when she came in at 1 or so.

The trip was amazing, and now Team Luck is already working on picking a theme for the 2016 Hunt. And somehow or another, I have a say on what it’ll be! And I’ll get to write puzzles for the 2016 Hunt! Such exciting times we live in.

Well, as one way to wrap up this post, I’d like to let you know that the USC Puzzle Hunt, an puzzle event I write for, is now open for registration! If you like puzzles (and since you read through an entire blogpost about puzzles), then be sure to grab a few friends and sign up. Starts February 16th, and should be a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone, and I’ll see you next week. Enjoy!


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