Pretty as a Picture (#22)


I don’t know about you, but we’ve reach 22.

I know I promised a recap of the USC Puzzle Hunt 2015 for this post, but that’ll wait until next week. Thankfully enough, this week is Spring Break! No exciting destinations for me. I’m back home in the house I grew up in, and won’t be worrying about customs or international waters or whether or not pushes at the blackjack tables let me get me money back.

This week is all about sleeping and enjoying time off. I hope to excel at it.

Also, this puzzle was partially inspired by a message board post on the Learned League. After a trivia question about weapons in the board game clue (which I referred to in Puzzle #17), one of the fellow members of LL thanked me in a post he wrote. You can see his initial post, my response, and then his response below:


Let’s hope that this puzzle can take you a little bit closer. I’m sure we’ll touch on the other subject soon enough.




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