Home Field Advantage (#29)

Hello, and welcome to Week 29!

The Honors Council, a group I’m a president of, was holding an end-of-the-semester field day. Calling it an Olympics, one of the organizers asked me if I’d write a puzzle for the event. I said I would. I clued it for a Monday/Tuesday, and a good number of the clues in today’s version are from that original cluing. The event never materialized, due to lack of numbers, but the crossword still lives. Enjoy it.

Also, today’s picture comes from the 2014 USC Puzzle Hunt. The theme of the Hunt was joining Pi Zeta Tau, a fictional Greek organization whose name comes from the 1st, 3rd, and last letters of “puzzle hunt”. The final answer for the entire Hunt is found at the top/bottom two letters of each of the five rings as seen above, which spell out EUREKA I WON. And as a bonus, the intersecting rings letters spell out OLYMPICS from left to right. This whole meta-meta puzzle is in my top 3 favorite puzzles I’ve ever assembled. Good times.

We’ll see if there is a puzzle next Sunday. Did you know I’m graduating THIS Saturday? Crazy right?


2 thoughts on “Home Field Advantage (#29)

  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on your graduation and thank you for the wonderful puzzles! I hope you’ll have time to keep on puzzle making!


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