Themeless Ten (#48)


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 48!

Back from the week off, and my cousin got married as intended. While at the church, I gave my brother 300:1 odds on a standup at the altar. Now he owes me $2.

Quick announcements:

1) The first reveal of the BuzzFeed crossword was earlier this week. The sample puzzle was by constructor and BuzzFeed crossword editor-in-chief Caleb Madison, and can be found [here]. The fill is certainly clean, but as BuzzFeed is trying to reach a certain demographic, it don’t hurt to know about 2000s/2010s TV, movies, music, and Internet. Also, the clues are more sentency than your usual puzzle. Still, give it a solve, and see what you know / can figure out from context!

2) Chris Words is now a little over a year old! Puzzle #1 went online September 21st, and now I’ve made 47 other puzzles for all of you people to enjoy, plus all the bonus material that Chris Words has had to offer. I don’t really count #48 as my big anniversary, since I like round numbers to do those for me. But still, I’m pleased to see how far my puzzle-making ability has come from making this blog, and how much all of you have enjoyed them. Thanks everyone!

Enjoy the puzzle!



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