Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal (#56)


Merry Christmas, and welcome to Week 56!

This week’s puzzle is a salute to one of my favorite Christmas movies (which I was watching again while cluing this puzzle).

Last week was a meta, and seems to be quite a stumper. So, I’m bumping the deadline to this upcoming Saturday. Send me your answers, and remember the title!

We will resume next week with non-holiday puzzles.

And as a behind the scenes look, this puzzle was essentially redone after noticing a slight misspelling on my part on one of the themers. Because of this misspelling, this week’s puzzle does not include the fill words of NUTHIN’, LEFT WING, and James HARDEN, which were found in the other grid. Thanks so much, Yertle the Turtle.

Enjoy the puzzle!


P.S. I hope you all have plans to see “The Force Awakens”, because it’s really good.


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