Hunt Recap – Delayed 24 Hours


Hey all! So, there’s no new puzzle this week, since I wanted to take the week off, especially after going 6/6 through the winter break.

However, my meta from last week is still live, and you still have time to submit! Follow that link in order play along.

Instead of a puzzle, I’m posting my personal recap of the 2016 MIT Mystery Hunt. And, since I wanted to do it right, I’m taking another 24 hours. With this, I’ll be able to gather a bunch of photos for all of you to enjoy. In the meantime, be sure to check out Todd McClary’s recap as a member of the winning team.

And as an appetizer: the picture above was *part* of the shipment generously donated by Red Bull to the MIT Mystery Hunt. I’m not sure how people can drink it, but I’m to understand that a bunch of this stuff was downed over the course of the weekend by both HQ and by the various Hunt teams that was given some.

See you tomorrow!



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