Strange Things Are Happening To Me (#82)

NOTE: Even if you solve the .puz version, be sure to check out the PDF version.


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 82!

In case you hadn’t seen it, FiveThirtyEight featured an article discussing the indie crossword movement this last week. Friend-of-the-show Neville Fogarty got a line in saying “My favorite thing about indie puzzles is the timeliness”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Today’s puzzle is a tribute to the sleeper hit of the summer, and one of my favorite pieces of TV this year. Technically, I should preface it with [Spoiler alert], but I think it’s just fine the way it is. If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly recommend that you do.

Besides that, can’t think of too much else to say. Hope your Labor Day weekend is going well! And since it is Labor Day weekend, I would be remiss not to include puzzle great Mark Halpin’s Labor Day Extravaganza puzzle suite. Take a crack at them. He’s good, and they’re fun.



2 thoughts on “Strange Things Are Happening To Me (#82)

    • Thanks you so much! This was a real treat to put together. I’d like to give a shout out to 18-Down whose name was PERFECT for this puzzle. Now to Season 2 and to see if this puzzle needs to get bigger with more theme entries!


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