Periodic Updates (#84)

Additional Notes


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 84!

Today’s theme comes from well-known territory, but I think I’ve got a new twist I haven’t seen before. Kind of wonky grid, since 12/14/8/8/14/12 isn’t that common of a theme, but I do hope you enjoy it! If there is something in the theme you don’t quite get, be sure to look at the “Additional Notes” above.

Also, let’s all wish Adam Nicolle to the indie game! Looking forward to many installments from this high schooler.

Meta coming next week! Have a great week everyone!



4 thoughts on “Periodic Updates (#84)

  1. Is it bad that I downloaded this puzzle without even realizing you shouted me out? đŸ˜‚ Thanks, man! Great puzzle as always, fun solve.


  2. hey chris – thanks 4 all your puzzles, and also 4 pointing me to new constructors, so i don’t miss anything!  this week, adam nicolle.

    barb cothran


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