Down Only Temporarily

Hey everyone.

So, Chris Words is going to be temporarily down for a bit. Yes, this is partially due to my busy school work, but the main reason is because all of the links on this site have been deactivated.

On March 15th, Dropbox changed their policy about sharing links on the Public folder, and all links that were made no longer do not work. In order to fix it, you have to copy and paste the new link into the blog, but with now 93 puzzles published online, you can imagine the amount of work to be done.

I’ve greatly loved how easy it is to upload files into Dropbox and then link to here in order to not have to pay WordPress for file storage. I do not have a problem with Dropbox, but I’ll admit this new change is annoying.

Also bonus, I’m mailing my MacBrook Pro to New Mexico today for a repair that needs to be done, and this will further delay the edits needed to make the blog run smoothly.

The blog will be hopefully back to full capacity in a week and a half, and I do plan to have another puzzle on here very soon. Apparently, crosswords are going asea, and I smell a theme.

Good luck to everyone going to Connecticut this weekend! We’ll be back soon!



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