Meta: Watchmen (#95)



Hey everyone, welcome to Week 95!

New puzzle coming to you on a Friday, slightly trying to ride to Gaffney wave, but also to not avoid posting on Easter. And since this week ends with a 5 or 0, let’s have a meta:

For this nineteenth meta, I’m looking for a 20th century year. When you think you have it, email me at cking.gow(at) with your answer. I’ll accept answers all the way to late Saturday, April 22nd.

Shout out to Neville Fogarty and Mike Nothnagel who authored the clues for 37-Down and 28-Across respectively.

Have a good weekend everyone, and I’ll be back with a new puzzle soon enough. Also, get ready for my third annual prediction of the Indie 500 puzzles, where I have so far been guessing with a 100% accuracy rate.

Be sure to send me your answer!



5 thoughts on “Meta: Watchmen (#95)

  1. If you don’t mind a suggestion: your links to end in “?dl=0”. If you change that to “?dl=1”, that’ll enable downloading. As it is, one has to follow the “Download/Direct download” link, and sometimes click past another box that invites you to log in.


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