Educational Television (w/ Paolo Pasco) (#99)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 99! This website is getting closer to three years, and we are dangerously close to hitting three digits. I’ve been mighty proud of the last ten CW puzzles, and I’m excited to try out a couple more new things for the site: a co-constructor and a Sunday-sized grid!

I want to thank Paolo Pasco for helping me work on the puzzle for the last 9 months (well, really just in the spurts of September, February, and the last week). As I know many of you know Paolo is the real deal, and it was amazing to work with him for this puzzle. Believe it or not, not too much wordplay is involved with today’s theme, but I hope you’ll enjoy the connection amongst the theme answers, and I really hope you’ll enjoy the clues we came up with. We spared no expense on length, and I think you’ll find clues that are both classic Paolo and classic Chris.

Puzzle #100 is going to be a meta spectacular, and I’m not sure when it’ll go online. Gotta focus on school and writing non-crosswords.

Enjoy the puzzle! Any and all praise will be forwarded to Paolo, and I hope to see you very soon, both on here and in the real world. By the way, I’ll be at Lollapuzzoola, and I hope I’ll see you there!

Oh, and instead of doing the usual co-constructor interview, I let Paolo pick a video to end the post with. He chose the following, and I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Educational Television (w/ Paolo Pasco) (#99)

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