Sick, Dude! (#99.4)

PUZ [If you solve using PUZ, be sure to at least check out the PDF]


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 99.2!

Today’s puzzle comes from the Chris King archive. I’m sure those of you who write puzzles probably have puzzles sitting on your computer that you made for some special cause, and have seen very little light since then. Honestly, I’d love to solve some puzzles with some very specific targeting. Example, find the UVA Cavalier Daily from the last couple of years and enjoy some Charlottesville-specific clues by Sam Ezersky.

Anyway, today’s puzzle was made with a certain group at USC in mind. I told Twitter that if ten people liked my post, I’d share both the puzzle and the story. So, before you check out the story, solve the puzzle. The story is below, rot13. The link to the news article is not rot13ed.

Sbe gur ynfg lrne, V pbagevohgrq gb gur arjfyrggre bs gur HFP Ubabef Erfvqrapr Unyy, juvpu jnf zl ubzr ng guvf fpubby sbe svir lrnef. V jebgr n srj chmmyrf onfrq ba Ubabef Pbyyrtr fcrpvsvp guvatf, naq V ernyyl rawblrq guvf gval bhgyrg. Va gur snyy bs 2016, guvf unccrarq:

Daily Gamecock article

Ab bar tbg znwbeyl fvpx, naq gur vasrpgvba jnf pherq irel fbba nsgre guvf arjf gbbx cynpr. Ubjrire, gurer zvtug unir orra fbzrbar gung yvirq va gur Ubabef Pbyyrtr ohvyqvat gung fbyirq n chmmyr nobhg gur erprag bhgoernx nsgre univat gur prageny gurzr.

Fher, guvf frrzf yvxr n fgenatr guvat gb qb, naq qba’g trg zr jebat, V ybir gur Ubabef Ohvyqvat zber guna nalbar ryfr rire, ohg V guvax guvf vf n terng chmmyr naq va zl gbc 5 shaavrfg rire.

I hope you guys still like me. I’ve always enjoyed this puzzle, and I hope you do to. See y’all soon!



One thought on “Sick, Dude! (#99.4)

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