I Love Halloween! (#104)



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 104! I’ve now published a numerical puzzle once a week for two years. And since this blog is three years one month old, I’ll say 2/3 ain’t too bad.

School is hard, but this Halloween theme is too good to pass up. I’m stunned there are still Halloween and Christmas themes left, so I’m glad I snatched one up.

I really promise I’ll have the Eclipse answers soon. Really I do.

Today’s puzzle is 16×16, a first for me, and I believe the first time I’ve ever had a 2×2 black box in the grid. Turns out, even by even is slightly tricky. There’s no guess why newspapers are 15×15.

Enjoy the puzzle! Feel free to tell me how okay it was on Twitter. I could use the followers.

Happy Halloween! Onwards to Thanksgiving!



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