Fruit Cocktail (#117.1) + Book Announcement!

Amazon Pre-Order Available Now!

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Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 117.1!

Been a while, but things have been busy. Turns out, I’ve been working on a book! I am very excited and proud to announce that the book “75 Easy-to-Read Crossword Puzzles: Medium-Level Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain” is being released this next Tuesday!


I am very excited to bring you 75 13×13 crosswords never before seen, and I certainly hope you enjoy them. If you’ve been with me for the last five years, I know you’ll enjoy the puzzles in this book. It’s the usual brand of nonsense. I can also say that it’s a very great book to give to someone who is just starting out in puzzles. I wrote the puzzles with the goal in mind that puzzles can be ultra fun, and there’s lots of good things in these puzzles.

I plan to have a book giveaway on this site very soon, but for now, I want to hype up the release of the book with a few free samples! I plan to post three puzzles that’ll be in the book: one today, one Sunday at noon, and one on Tuesday.

Today’s puzzle is “Fruit Cocktail”, and I hope it reminds you of the good old days, when we were making puzzles together, exploring Italy, watching gifs, and watching Back to the Future. What a time it was.

Link to the book at the beginning. Enjoy the puzzle! Pre-order your copy today, and for sure give me a good review on Amazon!



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