Meta – Chris Words Origin Story: Coordinated Effort (Part 4) #120-d


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Hey everyone, and welcome to the final segment of Week 120!

Today is the fourth and final day of the limited crossword series Chris Words Origin Story, and what has previously been dark I hope will now be illuminated.

Copy and pasted from yesterday’s:

Since my new book was a book of 13×13 puzzles, it only seems fitting to have a meta suite involving puzzles that size. Starting today, and once per day, I will release a 13×13 crossword. The fourth and final puzzle will be published Sunday at noon. All four puzzles will be needed to find the final answer, but I do believe it can be solved without all four, so if you know the answer prior to Sunday, feel free to email me.

For this twenty-fourth meta, I’m looking for a three-word answer. When you think you have it, email me at with your answer by, let’s say midnight, December 31st.

Puzzle 1: Gridwork
Puzzle 2: Across and Down
Puzzle 3: Plane of Existence
Puzzle 4: Coordinated Effort

Now, you’ve got all the pieces, and I wish you the best luck to try to solve this thing. Feel feel free to collaborate with friends and family during this holiday season, and also feel free to message me with direct help.

Good luck everyone! I can tell you now that someone has already solved this thing. I believe in you!

Happy holidays!



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