Black Tie Affair (w/ Chris Adams) (#122)

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Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 122!

It’s been an interesting couple of months. Since the last time we met, I got a mortgage, I got my wisdom teeth removed, and that other thing that’s been dominating the news. Also, how great was was the Crossword Tournament From Your Couch?

Well, I’m going to be working from home until May, and so I want to have some more stuff here on Chris Words. Today’s timely puzzle is a collab between Chris Adams and I, and we hope you enjoy it! We highly recommend that you print it if you can, only if we think it’s a very nice grid that looks great. Don’t worry, there’s no connect-the-dots or folding or the like.

A few notes:
1) The Origin Story meta will be revealed this week, promise.
2) My write-up of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt should come out soon.
3) I’ve got another book coming out! 100 Large-Print Crossword Puzzles is coming out April 28th (as of today). We’ll have more promotions for that in the coming weeks.
4) Since my trivia hosting days are on hold, I’ve been putting some of my old questions on the Facebook page Palmetto Trivia. Something harmless and fun, and something to entertain during these days.

Enjoy the puzzle everyone! Please stay at home, and wash your hands frequently.



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