Book Announcement + Free Book Opportunity

Hey everyone! Hope your summer is still going well. School is almost back in session, and I hope you’ve been taking care of yourself by getting vaccinated.

While I may not be publishing as much here on CW (hopefully some to come!), I have still be vigilantly writing puzzles, and I’m proud to say I have a new book coming out September 21st! You can already pre-order a copy of Challenging Crossword Puzzles for Teens: 50 Fun and Clever Puzzles to Test Your Skills today! It’s the perfect book for a teenager you know, and if you don’t know any teenagers, a perfect book to claim your youthfulness. Sure this book mentions TikTok and YA books, but the wisdom of an older generation can still do great!

Figure 1 – 2021 Booker Prize shortlist nominee Challenging Crosswords Puzzles for Teens

But like the title of the post says, “Free Book Opportunity”. Callisto Media currently has a mechanism to give out books for Amazon reviews, and you’ll actually get a book for free, and you get to review it! It helps me out, and you get a free book! It means a lot that you’d want to help me out, after all we’ve been through (cootie catcher puzzle, Italian puzzle, all the greats).

The only requirements are as such:

-Be based in the United States
-Have an active Amazon account (spending $50 within the last 12 months)
-Not share a last name with you
-Focus on the content of the book rather than their relationship to you

If you’d like to review a book with the book on the house, send me your email at cking.gow(at), and I’ll add you to the list. Callisto I believe is sending out messages starting this weekend, so hurry to get that free book. I’m not very good at salesmaning, so I appreciate anyone who pitches in.

Hope everything is going well with you! If you ever need more brain stimulation, I’ve got more questions on this series of “Only Connect” that you can find at my channel. It’s a good time!

Stay safe, and be well. Hope to see you all very soon!



One thought on “Book Announcement + Free Book Opportunity

  1. Thanks Chris.

    I was thinking bout you the other day for some reason. I thought “Whatever happened to that guy I thought was from University of Southern California, but then he turned out to be from some different school?”

    And Voila, here you are.

    I’ll be 55 in a couple weeks. My son turned 21 a couple days ago. So, it seems we have not hit the sweet spot of your puzzle book.



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