Themeless Five (#23)

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Chris Words, and I hope all of you celebrated a wonderful Pi Day. As a math major, I try to spread Pi Day cheer for all to hear. I also celebrate February 71st as “E Day”, but that one doesn’t get as much international attention.

Themeless puzzle today, hope you enjoy. I’m coming off the end of a spring break, so I didn’t get around to that USCPH wrap up text. I’ve been trying to relax over the spring break, so I haven’t even really bothered looking at the emails I’ve gotten about the Hunt. Slack, I know, but it is spring break. Let’s just pretend I went to an exotic locale that didn’t have Internet. I went to my home in rural South Carolina, and it didn’t really have Internet either for about 3 days. Sometimes you’re thankful for campus wifi.

Happy Pi Day / Ides of March / St. Patrick’s Day / First Day of Spring everyone!



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