Meta: Mark My Words (#25)


Week 25! If this was a TV show, that means we probably would have finished Season 1 about now. I guess this week is sweeps.

Since 25 ends with 5 or 0, it’s time for a meta puzzle.

For this fifth meta of the blog, I’m looking for a well-known website. When you think you have it, email me at cking.gow(at) with your answer. I’ll accept answers all the way to noon ET on Saturday.


1) Good luck / congratulations to all of those at ACPT this weekend. I was not able to go, but I sincerely hope that Stamford will be a destination for next year.

2) I would like to thank Matt Gaffney for including this puzzle’s URL directly into MGWCC #355. That Friday morning, I was able to respond to his email about how I was the weekly winner that week. You can read the correspondence below.


And just like that, he was able to include this site as the INTERNET ADDRESS for that meta. When I was solving the puzzle, I first thought that Matt had somehow created a macro that would read out a website you had open at the time! I was just blown away by Chriswords making a MGWCC! Thank you Matt for including me in your puzzle, and thank you new visitors for coming to my mom-and-pop site. I hope you’ll enjoy the future puzzles this internet address has to offer.

3) Thanks to Erik Agard for the clue at 31-Across. I was finally able to redeem my free “clue exchange” gift after the big crossword he had last December.




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