Welcome to Chris Words!

Chris Words Logo-Blue v3

Hey guys, and welcome to Chris Words! This might very well be your first time coming to the site, so I just wanted to give you a quick tour of what we have to offer, before you have to go back to your Across Lite file.

The About Me page does a fine job describing, and you’ll be able to find all of my first 73 puzzles at my Archive page. Check out the Fun Stuff page, where you can read three of my “The X-word Files” crosswordese research articles, as well as links to a number of my various crossword research studies.

I publish a recurring sequence of themed, themeless, and meta, and as your sommelier, here are a few suggestions I’d make for you to enjoy RIGHT NOW.

Themed: Series Finales 52, Thanksgiving Stuffing 54, Just You Wait 72, Just Puttering Around 46, Hold Onto Your Butts 36
Themeless: Eleven, Thirteen, Seven, Eight, Twelve
Meta: That’s the Power of Love 50, Heads of State 70, I Could Count on Two Hands 35, Mark My Words 25, Meeting of the Minds 45

Also, I previewed my newest Variety Edition (a mini puzzle hunt similar to P&A Magazine), which was supposed to come out today. The meta coming out today is the one why you’re here, but I am releasing Variety Edition #2 this Sunday at my usual timeslot, and it’s going to be jam packed. Feel free to check out the first Variety Edition here.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for coming by, please subscribe to get your alerts about releases of Southern grown crosswords, and I hope you have fun this weekend.

Good luck!



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