Just Puttering Around (#46)


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 46!

Last week was a meta puzzle, and usually, this post would be dedicated to showing its solution. However, I realize that releasing a meta puzzle in the middle of Labor Day Weekend might have been a tough decision, since I know many of you probably read the blog on Sunday promptly, not read it for six days, and then read it again the next Sunday. That is how weekly blogs work.

So, since today is a new Sunday, I’m giving all of you who were enjoying Labor Day Weekend an extension on the meta puzzle.

I will be accepting Week 45 meta answers all the way until Friday at noon, and I will post the solution to the meta on next Sunday’s blogpost.

This week’s puzzle was inspired by my trip to Myrtle Beach, and was a joy to put together. It’s a subject that’s very near to my heart, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I was enjoying the subject of this puzzle so much that I’m having this meta extension.

Enjoy the puzzle everyone, and be sure to send me your meta solution from last week! It’s a five-day workweek this week, so no excuses!



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