Series Finales (#52)


Hi everyone, and welcome to Week 52!

Whipped up this puzzle somewhat quick, so I can supposedly get back to the work I’m supposed to be doing.

This puzzle was supposed to be five-theme, but I couldn’t get a certain 9-letter theme answer into the grid. So, as a bonus puzzle, what possible theme entry was left on the cutting room floor?

Also, congrats to Evan Birnholz for his amazing new position! We all believe that Evan can continue the great 21×21 tradition that Merl left, and the puzzle people of America should be ready for December 6th. Devil Cross has been a wonderful part of the Indie world, but now as he crosses into the great beyond (read “will receive paycheck”), I hope we will continue to cherish how great Devil Cross was and is. Evan gave Chris Words a shout out more than a year ago, and I like to think some of you came here for the first time via his publicity.

Thanks Evan, and congrats on everything!

Enjoy the puzzle.


P.S. The theme answers of this puzzle were clued differently 40 minutes after this puzzle went on the air, so you may have a different version of the puzzle in that case. This is because I thought of a more thematic theme. C’est la vie, so hope you enjoy it more!


5 thoughts on “Series Finales (#52)

    • Yep. I really wanted Full House in the center of the puzzle, but I couldn’t make a grid where that’d be easy to do, especially with one of the theme answers having that special character. Ah well.

      Did I miss any other good possible theme answers?


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