Themeless Twelve (#58)



Hey everyone, and welcome to 2016 and Week 58!

This week sees a new themeless and lots of clues I like to think are tough. Good luck with 2016’s newest Chris King puzzle.

A few notes:

1. I’ve created a new blog named Five Course Trivia that asks five new questions five days a week about food. Each new installment comes at 11:30am each day, right before your lunch, so be sure to give the new blog a subscribe! Don’t worry, there’s no stress since there is no competition, so just peruse some questions to see how much more about food you know than me!

2. GOAT Patrick Berry released this Candy Canes variety puzzle over the holidays. It might not be Christmas, but it’s definitely worth a solve. Very fun.

3. Week 59 will be released when I’m back at USC (break is sadly over), but Week 60 *should* be released when I’m back at MIT! The future is exciting.

Enjoy the themeless, and happy new year!



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