Hey, Mister! (#59)


Hey all, and welcome to Week 59!

About a year ago this week, I wrote a tribute meta puzzle to Casey Kasem, as he passed away in 2014. My tribute puzzle this year is dedicated to the great Ernie Banks. No meta, but a nice little theme that might be WAY out of baseball season, but a fine puzzle nonetheless. Also, this puzzle is a 13×13, a first for Chris Words.

More importantly, I’m going to be in Boston this weekend! As a member of Team Luck, I might be calling your team this weekend telling you that your answers might be right/wrong. No spoilers from me, but it’ll be a blast for all of you playing! Of course I’ll be working a lot during the event, but I’d love to meet up with anyone who’ll be on campus for the weekend.

There will be a meta puzzle next week! Grid is made, and I just have to write the clues before I get on my 7:00am Thursday morning flight.

Good luck, and happy hunting!



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