Themeless Thirteen (#63)



Hey everyone, and welcome back to Week 63!

Thirteenth themeless puzzle of the blog, and this one contains something for everyone: 70s rock, 80s comedies, 90s cartoons, tweets, and 1650s paintings. Yes, this puzzle might be a little name heavy, but I got four full names and two full song names, so I think today is a winner.

Also, in podcast news: Will Shortz did a podcast about his experiences with the Times Insider, and friend-of-the-show Tyler Hinman did a podcast about his experiences with the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. Both of these are worth checking out.

Also, the USC Puzzle Hunt should start accepting registration starting tomorrow! Spring break is going to be fun!!!

Thanks everyone, and I should have puzzle next week, but since I’m pretty chockfull of exams this week, I hope you’ll understand in case I don’t.

Til next time!



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