Themeless Fourteen (#68)



Hey everyone, and welcome back to Week 68! The last few weeks have been crazy for me, with finals wrapping up, and the transition to my new apartment. But I am now settled in my new place, and I plan to produce new puzzles all summer long!

I return to the blog with a themeless, and I hope you enjoy it. Lots of fun phrases, some making their puzzle debuts, plenty of tricky cluing, but still just enough of “Chris King wrote this puzzle” flair for all.

Also, everyone should go ahead and register for the Indie 500! I’ve already registered, and I hope I’ll see you there as well in a few weeks. It’s going to be great, and they’re going to have pie! I’m sure we all thought it was fun when Eric Maddy, Amy Reynaldo, and joon pahk all raced to finish the final puzzle first, but it might have been more fun if it was a pie eating contest! Thus, another note goes to the organizing committee, and we are one step closer to the baddest ass tournament of all time.

Enjoy the puzzle, and do feel free to share it. No pressure.

Thanks, and see you next week!



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