One Day Puzzle Delay

Didn’t get to clue the puzzle for the Sunday noon deadline. This Friday and Saturday has been booked pretty full as I’ve been participating in BioBlitz, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. The grid is filled, just not the clues. Expect a puzzle noon Monday.

And in a roundup of various links:
-Time’s running out to register for The Indie 500. It’s going to be great.
-I’m getting closer to my 100th post at Five Course Trivia. If food is your bread and butter, feel free to check it out.
-Congrats to friend-of-the-show Erik Agard for his 200th puzzle¬†(but what he doesn’t realize is that he had a couple of “half” puzzles back in the day, so he might already be at 201 or 202).
-I’m currently working on getting a fourth interview for the X-word Files series. Wish me luck!

New puzzle tomorrow!



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