Square on the Nose (#86)

[Strong suggestion: solve using the PDF version]


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 86!

I’m glad I’m back for the holiday season, because as long time CW fans know, I’m a fan of holiday puzzles. Today’s puzzle is the fourth Christmas puzzle on the blog, and I’m a big fan of the final result. A special shoutout to friend-of-the-show Paolo Pasco for the title of the puzzle.

Be sure to solve and submit your meta answer for last week’s challenge, and I’ll be accepting answers until this FRIDAY, which is a slight change from my Saturday deadline. If you haven’t solved it yet, people tell me it ain’t bad, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

And in holiday videos: someone made an hour-long video that incorporates 400 different versions of A Christmas Carol throughout TV, film, radio, picture books, and more, and it is amazing. If you want to see Mr. T, Screech Powers, Sanford and his son, Matlock, and David Hyde Pierce doing a radio performance, this is the video to watch.

Thanks everyone, and have a great holiday season and a merry Christmas! Chris Words will be back with a new puzzle next week (hey, I’ve got to make up for some lost time)



2 thoughts on “Square on the Nose (#86)

  1. “…I’m a big fan of the final result…” — I second that motion, Chris! So creative and fun — thanks for keeping the holiday spirit alive and sharing your puzzle-making gifts with us!

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