Environmental Actions (#117.3) + Book Today!

Order the book now!


Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 117.3!

Finally, today is the day the book goes on sale! I hope you’ve pre-ordered your copy of “75 Easy-to-Read Crossword Puzzles: Medium-Level Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain” so that you can solve some puzzles cozied up with hot cocoa and your finest pen.

Today’s puzzle is also from the new book, which now means I have shared with you 4% of the book. But the other 96% is fantastic! Get this book for everyone you’ve ever interacted with regarding Girl Scout Cookies.

I hope to have some new puzzles of various sizes on this site very soon! Thank you everyone. And be sure to leave a good review. Show that Bezos crowd what is up.

Enjoy the puzzle!



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