Meta – Chris Words Origin Story: Gridwork (Part 1) #120-a



Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 120!

It has been too long, but it’s not like I wasn’t doing anything! Over the course of this year, I’ve been onstage twice at two different crossword tournaments, and I published that book that surely is on your desk right now.

The year has been winding down, and the last meta I published on this blog was in January, so it is time to fix that. And this one is going to be big.

Presenting for you: Chris Words Origin Story

Since my new book was a book of 13×13 puzzles, it only seems fitting to have a meta suite involving puzzles that size. Starting today, and once per day, I will release a 13×13 crossword. The fourth and final puzzle will be published Sunday at noon. All four puzzles will be needed to find the final answer, but I do believe it can be solved without all four, so if you know the answer prior to Sunday, feel free to email me.

For this twenty-fourth meta, I’m looking for a three-word answer. When you think you have it, email me at with your answer by, let’s say midnight, December 31st.

Puzzle 1: Gridwork
Puzzle 2: TBA
Puzzle 3: TBA
Puzzle 4: TBA

Also, if you are stuck on anything, I greatly encourage you to work with someone else! I hope to bring people together, and I genuinely hope you like these puzzles.

Good luck, happy solving, and feel free to bug me on Twitter if you get stuck.



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